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  • Allie Frank

A Poem for the Soul

Updated: May 8, 2019

Within ourselves is where we find peace

The trees will have grown upwards out and about

All the while we were looking to someone else

For the balance and love that is within ourselves

Deep in the practice is where we find peace

The trees keep on changing they transform through seasons

All the while our beings fall in and out, to learn to forget

Of the time and silence needed, instead we fall back into

Our old ways of being

This pattern goes on, like life repeating

We learn to forget

Although we may know

The matter that presents

And we may fall out

Leading us to forget

This old way of being

Takes over for a time

Until our memory sparks

We fall into breathing

We fall into knowing

This time deeper in the practice

Within ourselves, peace is found.

#endurance #weights #lifting